iPhone X: Do You Buy or Do You Wait?


The wait is over. The iPhone X is here. Apple brought its A-game to produce what’s going to be the blueprint for smartphones going forward. The redesign, the technical specifications, the new technology – it’s all poised to deliver the smoothest, most pleasing smartphone experience ever.

Simply put, it’s one beautiful device that can do (virtually) everything. It’s the perfect Christmas gift.

The Inevitable Caveat with iPhones

But with groundbreaking releases always come a price that might break your budget. The iPhone X will start at P64,490 at 64 GB. There aren’t many choices if you want to go lower or higher, with the only other model available is the 256GB version, which costs an astounding P73,990. These are the off-contract prices that you can expect to see at authorized Apple resellers like Beyond the Box or Digital Walker.

It won’t be cheaper either if you’re looking to get it with a postpaid plan. Network carriers are expected to put it on their highest tier of postpaid plans. Even if you plan to get it with a monthly cash-out, it’s hard to imagine Globe or Smart allowing customers to get an iPhone X with a low-value plan.

Simply put, owning an iPhone X will be expensive. But we all knew that months before the release, and it’s not really the talking point.

For everything that’s available now and will be available in a few months, should you buy the X now or you wait until the technology achieves a (term)?

A Higher Level of Normal

Endgadget’s verdict lets reason reign rather than hype: “Embrace the new normal.”

For anyone who bought into the hoopla, it’s good to see the X this way. The gorgeous construction makes you think that this is a revolutionary product; it’s not. But don’t think that this promising model isn’t worth its price. We can say whatever about the X, but at the end of the day, it’s a great phone.

  • Camera – As always, the iPhone takes beautiful, kinda-professional photos. Landscape, low-light or zoomed, the camera is snappy and takes the best pictures for a smartphone. A clear win for Apple.
  • Chip – If there is a reason to buy the iPhone, it’s the A11 Bionic processor. It is blazing fast, and considering the last-gen iPhone 7 can do everything and still have a lot to spare, the X will let you do even more. It has actually come to a point where one screen is limiting this kind of performance. Multitasking or multi-app running, Apple’s Bionic chip does it without any compromise.
  • Display – This is true edge-to-edge display, not like the screens of the Pixel 2 or the S8 that are still bogged down by bezels. The Super AMOLED technology makes all 16 million colors it can reproduce pop out. Truly, watching Netflix has never been this beautiful at this screen size.

One Step Forward, One Step Back

So, with the iPhone X, you’re leaving regular iPhone territory. Going north of P60,000 for the basic model, you’re expecting a lot; especially if this is something you’ve saved for months.

Are you getting more than what the regular iPhone 8 can give you? If we’re talking about screen size, then yes, you’re getting that sweet infinity screen. You also get Face ID, probably the most advanced security feature put on a smartphone. It works, and it protects your phone.

As for everything else, you’re getting an iPhone in a pretty amazing package. You also have to remember that the X does away with a lot of things, particularly the home button and the ever-beloved headphone jack. The battery isn’t flagship-level as well, which can only be disappointing for power users. The AR and the Stage Light portrait mode are nice novelties. Not really useful, but there’s room for improvement for the next iOS patch.

This isn’t a dead end, however, as there are other smartphones as impressive, pretty, and functional as the iPhone X, minus the luxurious price.

Options to Consider

From an Apple user, Samsung’s only major fault with their new flagships is that they’re running Android OS. Not the purest Android experience, but the S8 and the Note 8 are exceptional devices and much prettier than the iPhone X. The weirdly placed fingerprint sensor may be troubling, but both devices make up for it with excellent execution.

The newly released Oneplus 5T is also a prime choice. Its version of Android is better than Samsung’s, and the specs are literally top of the line. It’s also half the price of the X, earning its reputation as the Giant Killer.

The HTC U11 (no headphone jack) and LG V30 (bloatware Android) are your other flagship options, having almost similar specs saved for some manufacturer-specific features.

If you really don’t want to switch ecosystems, the iPhone 7 is still in the flagship territory. You can even say that it’s prettier than the 8, especially the black variant.

With all its good points, the iPhone X seems like the first version of any new technology. For iPhone users, it’s a more premium experience and nothing more. For Android users, it’s a premium breath of fresh air. But with many options that performs as well as the X without costing as much, it may be a good idea to pass up on this device. It’s up to you to decide which suits your needs, preferences, lifestyle, and of course, your budget.

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